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The Creemore Gallery




Ingrid Hunt's Miniature Fine Art Gallery

176 Mill Street

Creemore, Ontario




Born in Holland, Ingrid Hunt moved with her family to Canada in 1966. They made their home in Creemore, Ontario, and to this day Ingrid continues to live there. To Ingrid it therefore seemed quite fitting, despite her work having now been recognized worldwide, that she locate her gallery in this small but beautiful community.


The gallery is located in Creemore's historic downtown. We welcome visitors to browse our extensive collection of original paintings and prints, partake in our 'goodies,' and chat with Ingrid when in attendance.


Please note that due to our participating in many art exhibits, we do not maintain regular hours. Should you wish to visit our gallery on a specific date and want to ensure our being open, please contact us at 705-293-0680


In the meantime, we can offer you a quick tour of the gallery via the photos presented below. Simply click on each photo for an enlarged version.


We look forward to seeing you in 2008!






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