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A Brief History

Miniature Painting

Although the absolute origin of miniature painting is unclear, the art form certainly became prominent in England during the Victorian Age (16th century) and arguably reached its zenith in popularity worldwide during the 18th century. Along with being used to enhance (or ‘illuminate’) manuscripts, miniatures were often employed for portraiture. Tiny portraits, often kept in lockets, were used much as photographs are today: as mementos of loved ones absent or deceased, or, via courier, as a means of better communicating a person’s identity to others over great distances.




Self portrait, Jean Fouquet, 1450

Earliest known portrait miniature



More recent times have brought a resurgence in interest in miniature painting. Although the percentage of artists painting miniatures is still relatively small, the number of miniature artists is growing. Today there are dozens of societies and organizations dedicated solely or in part to the art form. Provided below is a sampling of such. If you are interested in exploring further into the world of miniature painting, both past and present, please click on the links provided.

Miniature Painting Societies and Organizations

Oceanside Miniature Art Society (Canada) http://www.oceansideartscouncil.com
Miniature Art Society of Florida (U.S.) http://www.miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com
Miniature Artists of America (U.S.) http://www.miniatureartistsofamerica.org
The Society of Miniaturists (U.K.) http://www.britpaint.co.uk
The Royal Miniature Society (U.K.) http://royal-miniature-society.org.uk
Turner School of Miniature Painting http://miniaturepaintings.mysite.orange.co.uk

Other Information Sources

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniature_painting
About http://painting.about.com/cs/miniaturepainting


Ingrid Hunt

Born in Holland, Ingrid Hunt moved to Creemore, Ontario, Canada with her family in 1966 at age 14. Upon completion of her schooling she worked for Air Canada as an airline attendant for sixteen years before pursuing a living via her life long passion: painting.




Ingrid In Her Studio



Ingrid’s interest in art became evident from an early age. “As soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon, I was drawing,” she claimed in one media interview. In time she recognized a talent for highly detailed painting and this naturally led to trying her hand at miniatures. She produced and sold her first works in 1990. Since then she has painted hundreds of miniatures and is considered one of the top miniature artists in North America. She has received numerous awards, including being named Canadian Artist of the Year in 1993 by Insight On Collectibles magazine. She continues today to paint and participates in dozens of art shows annually. She and partner Rene Frank also run their own gallery in Creemore.

Ingrid generally paints using a 'canvas' of 2" X 2" or 2" X 4". Recently she has begun producing 'panoramics' measuring 2" X 12". She paints with a 000 size brush and does not use a magnifying glass. Please note Ingrid does not reduce standard-size paintings to miniature size.  She instead relies solely on a steady hand and steady eyes to produce amazingly small works of art.

For more insight into Ingrid's background, please read her media features.



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